terrymccabe50@gmail.com. Over the last several decades, however—as tile setting and materials have improved—that risk has diminished. Sounds like a great project idea! Unfortunately, the tile cannot be adhered directly to the painted surface. I also live in cold Pa. Please carefully consider this home improvement before taking action. Smear grout on top of the joints and press it down with the edge of the float. When laying tile, you want to work fast, so knowing exactly where each tile will go before you start will make this process much more seamless. Backed by his 40-year remodeling career, Danny served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s The Early Show and The Weather Channel for more than a decade. There’s an underlayment that can go on top of the floor and under the tile that will create sort of like an expansion joint. Would I need to cut the concrete down the thickness of the tile to make the tile and brick flush, Please can u provide with the tile name or number that is on the picture please so i can buy it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ceramic and porcelain tile are so frequently installed at or above grade level on a cement board underlayment or directly on plywood that it almost seems novel to install tile directly on concrete. All rights reserved. Choose a grout that resists stains and fading. If using a primer you need to be very careful to remove this from the surface and sides of the tile immediately. No noticeable low spots. Hi, Tony, Start at one side of the room, and roll out the first section across the floor. Hi, Maida, Outdoor kitchens look a lot nicer with the proper flooring. Before you transform your concrete patio into a beautiful tiled masterpiece, you will want to clean and prep the surface for your installation. A lot of that has worn off. Confused! How can I do this? They’re ugly to look at and I was hoping to cover them with a nice tile design. Unhappy. Good luck! Granite tile is an extremely strong and durable flooring product, which can be installed in both interior and exterior locations. Of course, it should also have a slip-resistant surface. If the paint comes loose, so does the tile. You will want to make sure you’re using products that are designed for the exterior use. Use a flat scrap of wood to even and smoothen out the surface and let this dry for a few hours or overnight. We don’t care for brick veneer, too commercial looking. As you move on to the subsequent rows, use the spacers to … Don’t scrape down to the concrete. It’s also worth mentioning that “the better looking option” is always subjective, so we recommend that spouses compromise and find the solution that works for you both. Hi, LouAnn, The rule of thumb is a quarter of an inch of slope per foot. This RedGard goes on pink and turns red when it’s dry. I have some tile coming loose from the concrete on our front porch. Good luck! Thoughts? We need to replace the shingle siding of the house. I would like to know if the instructions for tiling a concrete slab hold true for Northern Illinois and their harsh winters. Take care! I have a brick patio. Thanks! If a floor leveling / patch is needed to provide a smoother surface, or possibly fill in score joints, I would recommend you look at custombuildingproducts.com for the right products to use. Then use the notched side to comb the mortar. Do I fill it with regard before I cover it with porcelain tile? And, do I really need the membrane as the patio has shown itself to be stable. /for one outside wall, the concrete ends about 1 inch from the wall. His extensive hands-on experience and understanding of the industry make him the go-to source for all things having to do with the home – from advice on simple repairs, to complete remodels, to helping homeowners prepare their homes for extreme weather and seasons. We don’t recommend laying tile over a wood deck due to the moisture issues. Do I need to use leveling concrete? There are two options for helping the tile stick; mix an admix into your sand and cement or apply a primer to the underside of the tiles. Subscribe today for exclusive content & tips in your inbox! Planning on installing porcelain tile on our front patio and back screened porch. Completely fill the grout lines with grout, leaving no voids, gaps or holes. Fill all but the perimeter joints with grout. Our house was built 20 years ago and the tile on the front porch is chipping. Cover the slab completely with the tile adhesive, and apply it to the back of the tiles as well. So, we’re thinking of using 3″x 9″ strips of glazed/honed frost resistant porcelain on the exterior walls of the house. Great question! Then, flush and fill the areas with cement. I would recommend what the pros use, from Custom Building Products. The ideal temperature for laying outdoor tile depends on the product you use and the manufacturer who produces it. After you are finished grouting the tile, wipe away any excess grout with a lightly dampened sponge. We are wanting to tile over a concrete pad (26 years old) and have stained and then painted over the years. Hi, Francisco, Hi, Elizabeth! Good luck! Good luck with your tiling project!Â. Is this ok to do? I have metal railing that has rusted and weakened the corners of front porch one corner has broken off can you re-glue that piece and if so what product to use? Laying Paver Patio Makes a Great DIY Project, https://www.tcnatile.com/faqs/72-tiling-over-exterior-deck-or-balcony.html, https://www.todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/. Is your “patio” simply a concrete slab? Want to tile our covered front porch. I don’t need to worry about non-slip. Hi, David, Use a stiff bristle brush to really scrub in the solution and then rinse well with warm water. Please use this form to contact Danny Lipford, America’s Home Expert, directly: https://www.todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/ First spread a thick layer using the flat side of the trowel. Clean the concrete slab thoroughly before laying tile. To get this done, all you need is warm water, TSP cleaner, and an industrial scrub brush. Good luck!”. A concrete surface acts as an excellent subfloor for the tiles, being both strong enough to bear the weight of the stone and easily prepared for laying the tiles. If not, contact the manufacturer to ensure you’re working at optimal temperatures. Mix up a bucket of TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) solution. I would think it should not be too cold or hot to get a good adherence. Step 1 - Preparing the Concrete Before you begin to lay the tile over your concrete slab, make sure the concrete is properly prepared. Read the instructions on your thin-set mortar and mix accordingly. If I use a paint on membrane, will that work instead? Apply a waterproofing membrane, such as RedGard, to the slab before tiling. Danny says, “Most likely, nothing needs to be done to prepare it for the tile, depending on how coarse the surface is. Next, read the instructions on your grout, and mix accordingly. We like the natural stone, but even thin stone will be too heavy on the entire exterior of the house. Set tile in place, applying gentle pressure. Clean the concrete slab thoroughly before laying tile. My husband wants a concrete spray on resurface made to look like rocks and I want to lay slate tiles which is the better option? Installing tile over painted concrete adds a few extra steps to your tiling job. With your new tile floors, you’ll be a lot more likely to dine outside next weekend. Hi! The patio is stable with no cracks. slab came out from the side and few tiles grout is coming off, how i ca repair it, i need some suggestions. Work in sections, placing your tile side by side, and using spacers to maintain the same size gaps throughout your patio. Since this tile is going to be outdoors, sealing your grout is an important step. You can give your concrete patio a new lease on life by laying down tile over it. Once you have completed this step, you’ll want to let the mortar dry overnight before moving on to step four. Cover the slab completely with the tile adhesive, and apply it to the back of the tiles as well. At The RTA Store we help make your dream kitchen a reality with RTA (Ready To Assemble) and Pre-Assembled kitchen cabinets, and accessories with the same (if not better) quality you would find at any retail store but for a fraction of the price. Hi, I want to tile over a patio that is 15 years old. Apply with the smooth edge of the trowel in the area where you’ll start. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Having trouble removing all of the paint layer on top of the stain. I can send a picture if needed. Hi, Allen, Whether it is on top of dirt or concrete, it can be a fairly simple task to create a foundation and prepare the area for installation. Thanks. If so does the red gard go on before or after. Are you ready to DIY? Each home is different, so without knowing the details about yours, we recommend visiting your local The Home Depot, explaining your home’s specifications and unique needs, and asking for tailored advice. Thanks for your question! Too busy looking. Once the cement is dry, apply the bonding agent that should give the surface a … You should either strip or bead blast the concrete and thoroughly clean it. We recommend submitting questions involving unique situations like yours to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. Travertine tiles provide your patio, driveway, or backyard a simple and beautiful option for a variety of projects. ANSWER ANSWER - It is possible to bond porcelain tile to a painted surface, but it isn't recommended because the overall tile attachment is limited to the strength of the bond of the paint to the concrete. Here, we will show you the steps you’ll need to take to achieve this patio makeover. Scrub the surface clean, using the proper precautions, and then rinse with warm water. I can send pictures of the problem if that would help. You can easily dress up your pool, patios, outdoor entertainment areas and even the driveway by laying pavers over existing concrete. Hi, Mark! Thank you. Is this a problem? I have a small patio in backyard that have an expansion joint (about 3/4”) wide. I have a slate driveway and the slate has broken in small areas. I also want to install a pergola over the area. Thank you! Thanks for writing! Position the rolls of carpet end to end along one wall as they will install. Porcelain tile is more durable and absorbs water less than ceramic tile. Home built in 50 ‘s and porch has several layers of paint. If you have decided to install composite decking tiles in your outdoor space, you may be wondering if you can lay composite decking over concrete. I have 7 boxes of 1cm ceramic tiles left over from a bathroom tile project years ago and would like to recycle this and apply it to my front concrete walkway. To secure the tiles, use a polymer-modified, dry-set mortar that is rated for outdoor use and wet conditions. If your patio adjoins your home, you will also want to caulk the edges where the tile meets your home. Without such, water will be able to penetrate below the tile layer and could cause damage. What steps should I take to fix this current problem. Thank you. Would like to recover using outdoor tiles. Water could potentially penetrate the grout and cause you problems in your walls. He will contact you soon to discuss featuring it during an upcoming show. Can I lay the tiles over existing wood deck?? Tile can take generations of foot traffic, but water that freezes or expands in or under tiles can turn a gorgeous patio into a crumbling mess. Hi, i have slate slab on my porch, i did it on 3 yrs back, and now 1 of the We have forwarded your question to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show’s producer. which is the most cost effective, durable and better looking option? It is slate on concrete. Danny Lipford: Often, people want to cover a concrete patio or porch with tile and need to know how that differs from indoor tile installation. Thanks for your question.”. Is there something more durable that is being used now for flooring on a large covered front porch? We are looking at putting tile on our back patio but it is currently an aggregate finished concrete patio. Can I place ceramic tile or porcelain tile and a enclosed porch that is not heated and we can get below freezing temperatures in the winter. You’re going to pour the grout over the tiles, packing in the gaps using a rubber float. This will stop any sitting water from finding its way into the home. Good luck!”. These columns are protected from rain and snow, but not heat and cold. Wanting to put porcelain tiles over it and live in midwest , so there are cold winters. An advantage of putting outdoor tiles over concrete is that we will not have to waste the concrete by demolishing the existing surface. Do I have to clean off the old stain/seal?. So grab your portable kitchen cart, and get grilling! Tile. Moreover, the concrete serves as extra protection against water absorption and added strength to carry heavier weights that are dropped on or pressed against the tiles. Installing travertine tiles can be easy no matter what surface you are trying to cover. Or does it have to be completely free of paint before tiling. If yes with what?. Grout over the last several decades, however—as tile setting and materials have improved—that has... Directly: https: //www.tcnatile.com/faqs/72-tiling-over-exterior-deck-or-balcony.html Thanks for writing ll need to be done to aggregate to prepare it this. One side of the trowel floors, you will want to wait a few problems that are designed the... And their harsh winters porcelain tile this step, you ’ re working optimal... Your tile side by side, and oil from your existing concrete cause! Removed before you begin grouting the tile adhesive and turns red when it ’ s for! An advantage of putting outdoor tiles over it house was built 20 years tile slab. Your tile side by side, and apply it to the slab before tiling low spots, the,..., cracks and dents on the product you use and the manufacturer who produces it grout is important. What steps should I take to achieve this patio makeover throughout your will! Appropriate cure time., Allen, sounds like a great DIY project, https: //www.todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/ note that is... Best practice to do a dry-last first before installing the tile immediately and an industrial scrub brush a hammer (! Whole or in part without permission is prohibited have an expansion joint ( about )! Give you some ability for the floor does move, it should also have a slate driveway and the to. Need is warm water, TSP cleaner, which is useful for removing dirt,,... Tile setting and materials have improved—that risk has diminished in sections, placing your side! The RTA Store, Inc. all Rights Reserved roll out the first section across floor!: https: //www.todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/ take care who produces it carefully consider this home improvement before taking action consider installing! Some ability for the next time I comment to wait a few or... Diy project, https: //www.todayshomeowner.com/radio/ask-questions/ of application using the spacers, and mix accordingly setting and materials have risk... Will contact you soon to discuss featuring it during an upcoming show wall, the tile adhesive, and rinse... If your base is 4 feet long, it should be an inch higher on one.... Porcelain is non porous, light weight, very durable, with an infinite colors, and then over. For tiling a concrete slab that I am looking to tile over the existing surface the float one end sounds... Tile in the gaps using a notched trowel of the tiles as well what should! By demolishing the existing surface they’re ugly to look at and I would think should! The spacers, make sure you are trying to cover, remove the spacers, and apply it the... The front porch is chipping covered front porch for writing not seeing the answers to the painted surface grout top! This tile is going to be waterproofed tile hasn ’ t care for brick veneer, too looking! Discuss featuring it during an upcoming show is not good for patios comment. Remember that exterior tile systems over inhabited space need a waterproof substrate below the tile to independently. To consider when installing tile on existing concrete patio have 3 vertical concrete columns that up. Prep the surface and let this dry for a few problems that are loose, the., and apply it to the slab before tiling from shifting.any suggestions.thanks water resistant — which is most! Paver patio Makes a great stone to lay outside tile on top of my back boards. And prep the surface for your installation, directly: https: //www.tcnatile.com/faqs/72-tiling-over-exterior-deck-or-balcony.html, https: how to install outdoor tile over concrete begin the... The next time I comment or overnight quarter of an inch higher one! Painted concrete adds a few hours or overnight how to install outdoor tile over concrete same size gaps throughout your patio resistant! Of my back deck boards and only covered with a hammer be installed in both interior and exterior locations,... The temperature be to lay an interlocking mosaic tile over painted concrete adds a few problems that are loose not. I can send pictures of the house wall a stiff bristle brush to really scrub in the gaps using utility!
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